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History12 - Australia's Engagement with Asia 1945-2001: White Australia Policy

Year 12, Unit 4

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Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us

By the 1960s a new generation were questioning Australia's racist immigration policies and the exclusion of our Asian neighbours. The staged kidnap of a six-year-old Indian-Fijian girl by an aboriginal activist and leader exposed the injustice of the system. But it took the Vietnam War and a humanitarian crisis to force the country to banish the ideal of a White Australia once and for all and sow the seeds for the Immigration Nation we live in today

NFSA: Admission Impossible

White Australian Policy (Deconstructing Australian History)

This Australian made, curriculum fit program examines a longstanding series of Australian government immigration policies that, from Federation up until the mid-1970s, favoured white, English-speaking and culturally similar people. A range of interesting insights and views and are presented, exploring how such discriminative immigration was achieved and how, ultimately, Australia moved to the multiculturalism of today.