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Literature11 - Frankenstein [Shelley]: Alternative Texts

Year 11 ATAR


CITATION: Branagh, K. (Producer). (1994). Mary Shelley's Frankenstein [Video]. TriStar. Clickview.

Frankenstein and The Vampyre [Rated: M; Duration 52:04]

A fascinating exploration of one of the most significant moments in gothic history - the night when Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and their cohorts gathered together at Lake Geneva to tell ghost stories. The night when Frankenstein and the modern vampire were born. All those involved in the events of the summer of 1816 wrote about their life-changing stay in Switzerland. This dramatised documentary is based on their letters, journals and diaries. The film also draws on British Library manuscripts and archive, and brings together a stellar cast of gothic, horror and science fiction writers, including Neil Gaiman, Charlaine Harris and Margaret Atwood, to discuss why one single night had such a significant impact on our culture.

SOURCE: Foxtel Arts (2014), ClickView,