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NAIDOC Week: Educate


Stan Grant

CNN. (2016, Jan 24). My People Die Young in this Country Retrieved from

History and Culture Links


In this game, you can explore the many achievements and actions undertaken by Cook and his crews across three incredible voyages in the Pacific. You will also discover a perspective “from the shore” through Larila, a proud pakana woman from Tasmania's north-east.

Uluru Statement from the Heart

Journey of Health and Wellbeing

WA Health(2020). The Journey of Health and Wellbeing. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Tim Muirhead, Danny Ford and the Department of Health, Aboriginal Health Policy Directorate.

This video is intended to raise awareness of Aboriginal people's Journey of health and wellbeing.


Internet Links

Australian Indigenous Family History

Australian First Languages Map


First Languages Australia in partnership with local language centres across Australia have developed an interactive map to display and promote the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. The map, titled Gambay, translates to "together" in the Butchulla language of the Hervey Bay region in Queensland.

Gambay showcases over 780 languages, using data contributed by regional language centres and programs working directly with language communities around Australia