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What's It Like: Being Aboriginal?

Who are the "Stolen Generations"?

"The 'Stolen Generations' refers to the 50,000 (approx.) Aboriginal children, most under 5 years of age, taken away from their families by governments, churches and welfare bodies to be brought up in institutions or fostered out to white families. 

Removing children from their families was official government policy in Australia between 1910 and 1970. However, the practice had begun in the earliest days of European settlement, when children were used as guides, servants and farm labour. The first 'native institution' at Parramatta in 1814 was set up to 'civilise' Aboriginal children.............

Almost every Aboriginal family has been affected in some way by the policies of child removal. Taking children from their families was one of the most devastating practices since white settlement and has profound repercussions for all Aboriginal people today."

SOURCE: Racism no way Fact Sheet

Archie Roach: Stolen Generations (Click on image above to access the video.)

“The Stolen Generations is a term that we use for people who were taken away as children, from their families, from their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and extended families, uncles and aunties and cousins.” — Uncle Archie Roach

In this video, students will hear firsthand the impacts of the Assimilation Policy on the six Elders and Stolen Generations survivors who were interviewed. They talk about the impacts of their experiences as children, being forcibly removed from their families and taken to be assimilated into the white community.

SOURCE: ABC Education (2021), [10:23 mins] URL:

Story of the Healing Foundation

The Story of the Healing Foundation

This story begins more than 60,000 years ago. The Healing Foundation, supporting communities; Strong spirit, strong culture, strong people.

SOURCE: The Healing Foundation (2013), posted on YouTube, [3:34 mins] URL: