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Russia and the Soviet Union 1914-1945 (WWI-WWII): World War II

Year 12

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NARRATOR: 3:15AM, June 22, 1941 - The German Wermacht invade the Soviet Union. Operation, code name Barbarossa is launched. At 1600km, it is the longest front in history. more than three and a half million German and allied soldiers are in active combat, supported by artillery, air force and tanks. the German propaganda declares the offensive as a pre-emptive strike, for which the Soviets are unprepared.

War of the Century

The Great Patriotic War

Russia’s War: Blood Upon the Snow. The darkness

Brings to life the story of the people of the Soviet Union during World War II who struggle to survive the tyrannical reign of Joseph Stalin. A compelling story of dictatorship, bloody battles, and endless courage as the Soviet people combat not only Hitler and the Germany Army, but their own leader as well. 

Russia’s War: Blood upon the Snow The Hour before Midnight

The Russian Front: The Road to Stalingrad

This is the story of one man's obsession - an obsession that resulted in one of the most tragic and bloody episodes of World War Two. Adolf Hitler's infatuation with the conquest of the Soviet Union was to end in failure, the legacy of which was the death of millions and human suffering on an almost unimaginable scale.