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Russia and the Soviet Union 1914-1945 (WWI-WWII): February/March Revolution

Year 12

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Russia: Land of the Tsars: Revolution

The last eighty years of the Russian Empire were full of tension between forces of reform and autocratic rule. While Western Europe experienced the Industrial Revolution and nationalist, republican and socialist movements, Russia stayed fixed in the past. From Nicholas I, who squashed a rebellion on his first day as Tsar, to his great-grandson, Nicholas II, whose insulation from reality eventually killed his family, the Tsars struggled between accepting modern ideas and maintaining their absolute power. 

Epic History: The Russian Revolution

Epic History, The Russian Revolution, online video, Epic History TV, viewed 21 October 2016,

14 Diaries Of The Great War: The Uprising February 1917

In March 1917, Marina Yurlova, who is now 17 years old is serving as an adjutant in the Caucasus. She experiences both Russian Revolutions, the insurrection of her company and the death of her captain