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Russia and the Soviet Union 1914-1945 (WWI-WWII): Bolshevik Decrees/Treaty of Brest Litovsk

Year 12

Bolshevik Initial Decrees

Life After 1917

Following the October Revolution, the establishment of the communist Soviet government had both positive and negative consequences for Russia's peasants and workers. This video explores how the Bolsheviks, after gaining power, abolished private land ownership and introducing an eight-hour working day, and how their campaign of terror began a domino effect leading to famine and disillusionment amongst the proletariat.

Gaining suffrage shortly before the October Revolution of 1917, the rights of Russian women continued to improve under the Bolshevik-led Soviet regime. This video explores the ways in which life for women changed for the better after 1917, including the Bolshevik promises for further advancements that were ultimately halted, then reversed, by civil war and the rise of Stalin.

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

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