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Clickview: Lord of the Flies

Clickview: Theme, Evil (Lord of the Flies)

This programme analyses how Golding uses the novel to explore the nature of evil. Making detailed reference to the text, it examines the escalation of evil, how characters embrace or reject evil to different degrees, how evil comes to be symbolised by the beast, and how Simon recognises its source and is destroyed by it.

These characters like and admire each other at first, but by the end of the novel Jack is hunting Ralph to the death. This programme explores the nature and significance of these two main characters, and how Golding uses the struggle between them to expose opposing values and priorities. It demonstrates how the characters represent completely different notions of leadership and government: democratic versus fascist.

This programme provides detailed analyses and examples of Golding’s methods, and the key elements of his writing style. It explains the concepts of fable and allegory, and explores Golding’s complex use of symbolism with particular reference to the conch, the fire, clothing and Piggy’s glasses. The programme also investigates Golding’s use of realistic dialogue, and detailed description, to portray characters and convey ideas.


Crash Course Literature: Lord of the Flies

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